Senin, 13 Februari 2012

First Love

What is it love? I just do not understand. That’s what I thought when I was in junior high. When all my friends have never tasted the sweetness of courtship, I have not thought about it. When my friend finally going with our friends, classmates, I began to notice what is going out and what love is. Seem very exciting. Where both of us. And returns always go together. Finally I got a girl to be a very good girlfriend. She always hears me in whatever I ask. One week passed since we invented. But the special feeling to it has not grown in my heart. I finally decided her. I know I broke her heart. But better than I say lie that I love her.
Love comes when it turns out I was in semester
II. So far I just take her as my friendThere was your relationship with me. She was 1 year older than me. The first to received her love I do not consider us a serious relationship but after a month I went out with me started to fall in love with kindness and compassion to me. I was really drunk at the time.
after a month of our relationship began to cool. she would not even call me or see me. I fel very miserable. Every night I always miss her. I've tried to talk to her but she was silent. I finally know why she acted as she was questioned our age range who thinks too much.
Oh God ... maybe this is a punishment because I let my first
friend? Last month after she dumped me. Although painful, I tried to accept it gracefully. Sometimes I still saw her and even now she has another boy friend, I still honestly that I still love her. She was my first love. She is one half of my life is also precious.

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